Gnocco Krisztina Palace

Gnocco Krisztina Palace Restaurant and cafe is located in the XII. District of Budapest. It is right next to the South Railway Station. Krisztina Palace where the restaurant takes place, is an elegant office building that meets all modern expectations.

In addition to the two menus, guests can eat freshly baked, home-made dishes, vegetarian dishes, gourmet specialties and cakes.

Opening hours

7:30 – 15:00

Our permanent offer

Fried pork

With potatoes

2 150 Ft

Roasted chicken breast

With fresh salad

1 920 Ft

Fried vegetables

With steamed rice

1 890 Ft

Fried cheese

With steamed rice and tartar sauce

2 150 Ft + 250 Ft

Fried camembert

With fried potatoes and cranberry sauce

2 190 Ft + 250 Ft