Gnocco Corvin Sétány

Our restaurant is located on Corvin Sétány, in the heart of downtown Budapest. You can find it on the ground floor of the Nokia Skypark building. The constantly developing new part of the city proves to be the perfect location, as it is not only favorable because of the public transportation, but also suits the brand Gnocco in terms of its approach and style.

We offer our guests two menus, vegetarian dishes and desserts made from unique recipes.

Opening hours

7:30 – 15:00

Our permanent offer

Fried work

With potatoes

2 520 Ft

Roasted chicken breast

With fresh salad

2 320 Ft

Fried vegetables

With steamed rice

2 340 Ft

Fried cheese

With steamed rice and tartar sauce

2 840 Ft

Fried camembert

With fried potatoes and cranberry sauce

2 840 Ft